Fishing Report Dec. 24, 2016

With us having an unsuccessful duck hunt Saturday morning, we decided to jump on the Trout while experimenting with some new spots in the area as well as our old ones. The Trout are biting very good and we had one slot Red Fish that we took home. We caught two Trout in the 4-5 pound range and one that was 6.5 that was released shortly after getting the official weight. What a great way to start off the Christmas weekend! We hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Fishing Report Dec. 23, 2016

With only about an hour and a half to fish Friday, we decided to give the Trout a shot early in the morning on artificials with us catching about 15 fish and only 2 under keeper size. We let them all go to fight another day, except for two. The Trout are chomping and and we can put you on them. Call us today!

Fishing Report Dec. 18, 2016

With us not duck hunting Sunday morning, we got an early start to the Trout bite and could NOT keep a line in the water. We caught fish from 2 to 7 pounds and released every one of them. They are chewing and we are chartering! Call us for a great Christmas present for someone that is wanting to get out there! This is one we released to fight another day.

Fishing Report Dec. 17, 2016

The Trout bite is on fire and the crew can not keep the lines in the water on artificials. On Saturday we caught about 40 fish that were good cookie cutter 14 inchers and they all lived to fight another day.  What a fun day after a great two man limit of wood ducks too!

Fishing Report Dec. 8, 2016

The crew had a couple hours the other day so they took advantage of it and got on the water! They had about 30-40 13 inch Speckled Trout with one keeper Black Drum. This is a good sign that the numbers are up and in a couple months we can put you on some keepers! img_5002

Fishing Report Nov. 24, 2016


HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Hope everyone enjoyed their time being with family and friends yesterday. We sure did,  and we also got on some fish right before Thanksgiving lunch! Had some nice flounder yesterday with the biggest being about 3 1/2 pounds. Let’s put you on them! Give us a call!

Fishing Report Nov. 23, 2016

The other day the Capt Hook Outdoors crew headed offshore to the gulfstream. Conditions are perfect for wahoo right now. They had three good 13-18 pound Mahi, a good sized Blackfin Tuna, two Wahoos weighing 55 and 40 pounds, and some bottom fish. What a day for a Carolina Slam! The ocean was just right and the bite made it a magical day! Call us THIS IS THE TIME TO GO!

Fishing Report Nov. 19, 2016

img_0380The bite was on for the crew today. We also had a lot of small black drum and speckled trout. Ended the night duck hunting with only seeing one, we will wait on the cold! Call us TODAY! We WILL put you on the FISH!

Fishing Report Nov. 17, 2016

img_4889Under an hour to fish tonight after the crew finally got out there, but hey fishing for a little while is better than not fishing at all! The crew reported many cookie-cutter 17 inch red drum, just an inch too small to keep. Let’s get you on the fish, call us today!

Fishing Report Nov. 15, 2016

img_4882The Trout are still biting good and so are the Red and Black Drum, the Capt. Hook Outdoors crew  got on them afternoon but couldn’t limit out due to a slow start and the sun going down earlier. We can put you on them and limit out! Come fish with us! Give us a call!