Trout Cold Stun Closure

With the low temperatures we have experienced this past week, we saw canals begin to freeze over. Last night Capt. Tripp and myself went down to check it out and saw canals frozen with ice about half an inch thick. We did see a few finger mullets on top and got to talking about a possible fish freeze. Today at noon, the NC Division of Marine Fisheries released a statement calling for the closure of the Speckled Trout season until June 15, 2018. By doing this, the trout will have the chance to spawn to make up for the losses. From what I have read, effective Friday, January 5, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. the Speckled Trout season will be closed. As much as we love the fishery, it will be good to get these fish we love to recover. To see more, visit the Marine Fisheries website. We are still catching redfish though! Call for Sunset Beach fishing charters!